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Making the Most of Opportunities in the Alternative Futures of Work

The world of work is changing. What does it mean for product managers, designers and entrepreneurs in the enterprise space? In this session we will review major trends affecting the future of work and will draw out ideas about how to start thinking about these from a product and user experience point of view. Automation, robots and artificial intelligence are all beginning to shape our work lives and the people we are building for. What does it mean for enterprise and the products we create? Given these forces impacting work, the session will also cover emerging trends in the world of alternative work models. We’ve all heard of the “Gig Economy,” but few know the ways in which customers are experimenting with new and innovative ways of staffing projects and gaining access to critical skills. The session will cover several alternative work models and case examples of businesses leveraging them. It can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, while meeting product deadlines. Organizations need to be thinking further into the future to anticipate how the landscape of work is changing so that they can better prepare and help shape the future of work.