What is a cooperative?

There are many types of cooperative businesses (co-ops) around the world. Agricultural co-ops support farmers by pooling resources and allowing small-scale farmers to compete on the global market. REI, is a consumer co-op, which is a gear retail company that helps consumers keep purchase costs low for members. 

Wayfinder Co-op operates as a purchasing co-op, which increases purchasing power for small outdoor recreation and adventure tourism businesses by sharing workspace and keeping rental prices low.  This is becoming more and more necessary as Denver continues growing, and getting more expensive in terms of commercial rentals. 

What is cooperative co-working?

Cooperative co-working is a new thing (we actually might be the first ever?). Based on the same premise as a purchasing co-op as described above, this is type of cooperative arrangement, helps small and medium businesses to agree to aggregate demand for rent to get lower prices on commercial real estate/workspace. 

Why Wayfinder?

Wayfinder co-op was conceived and founded by three entrepreneurs, all running their respective businesses, who see the immediate need to create a more interconnected community of outdoor businesses in Denver. 

Forming this workspace and community as a cooperative, we will be able to support industry-specific businesses, save each other money in terms of rent, and build an amazing, intentional culture of outdoorsy folks in Denver.

The question for us should be, "Why not Wayfinder?"

Is Wayfinder only for outdoor industry businesses?

Not exactly. We offer a variety of workspace options for solo entrepreneurs who simply want to live an active lifestyle, work in a great place with great people, drink amazing coffee and beer, and save some $$. Not everyone working in the co-op will be a co-op member. 

For the sake of the longer term tenants, we are exclusively focusing on outdoor industry related companies to join as co-op members. 

How can I get involved?

There are tons of ways to get involved. Everything from special events, co-op membership, etc. 

Please contact Joe Ewing (Executive Director) at 970-315-2195 with specific questions. 

What are the benefits of co-op membership?

Co-op membership has a ton of perks. 

Member-only events, discounted event space rental, tons of free craft coffee, and so on. The best thing, you ask? You are eligible for dividends (based on patronage) on net profits generated by Wayfinder. Seriously, it's gonna be a game changer.