Behind The Art

At Wayfinder, we’re constantly blown away from the creativity displayed by our members. Co-op member, and badass cinematographer, Josh Berendes is no exception. In his latest project, Behind The Art, Josh recently drove up to Kenosha Pass with Jason Becker (of Trail Threads) to capture Jason’s story as an artist.

“Full Circle is the first installment for an ongoing web series called, “Behind The Art”. The idea to create this series first stemmed from watching a street musician play a cello while visiting Italy in 2014. I was in the heart of Rome when a busy and loud city square fell still and silent as a man started playing music. Strangers from all backgrounds, cultures, and languages stopped in their tracks and we all shared a moment of appreciation for the music that was being played. It was in that moment that I decided I wanted to pick up a camera to capture moments like that. I always wondered about that man’s story and to this day whenever I see an artists work my first thoughts are, who are they as a person, what inspired them to start creating, how does their creative process work, and why do they do what they do. I hope this series can give insight to others about the amount of work that goes into the final product we see and create a deeper connection between artists and their viewers.” - Josh Berendes

Berendes Media

Josh graduated with degrees in marketing, interactive digital communications, and digital media from the University of Northern Iowa. He works full time as a freelance video producer in Denver, CO creating content that ranges from social media videos, branded content, concert and festival recaps, as well as short films. Focusing on emotional appeals, Josh uses storytelling as a way to have longevity in a world where videos can be forgotten as quickly as they were consumed. His favorite pieces of work are ones that create inspiration, wonder, and gives him insight on a topic, organization, or person that he wouldn’t have had if he didn’t have a camera. He has worked with companies such as Snapple, ESPN 3, Florence University of the Arts, Bus2Alps, Visit Aurora and has been recognized by the American Advertising Federation for his work.

We highly recommend Berendes Media for your next project.

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