Week Trial

This week we’re speaking out to the startup entrepreneur, the full-time freelancer, and the remote employees out there. We understand the convenience and cost savings that come with working at home. Heck, who doesn’t love working in their sweatpants all day long?! You might even break up your week at your neighborhood coffee shop for the occasional outing. However, we also understand sometimes your just want to have a social community to connect with.

Wayfinder Co-op is now offering you the chance to come in for a free week trial. Our community provides a space of outdoor and adventure enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and companies that will immediately welcome you. At Wayfinder you’ll find a group of individuals who love making connections, curating collaborations, and sharing a good conversation over beers.

If this sounds like something you immediately need to be a part of head on in! No gimmicks on our end - you’ll find us at 525 Santa Fe Dr. , Denver, CO 80204.

Have further questions? Reach out to us at info@wayfinder-coop.com or call at (970)315-2195